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Nanny Basics and Beyond: Virtual Conference

We're excited to share that this new program from Nanny Coaching Team. It will feature over 25 nanny industry leaders speaking on 7 topic areas. Each topic area will be available separately as "mini-conferences" for purchase or you can choose to take advantage of the full virtual conference for at a special price.
What is a Virtual Conference?
We understand that not everyone can invest the time or money into attending some of the wonderful nanny related conferences that are available. While Nanny Coaching Team encourages taking advantage of attending these events, we wanted to bring you a similar experience that you can access on your own schedule, in your own home, with minimal financial investment. Each topic area or "mini-conference" will have several workshops with industry leaders sharing their expertise. These workshops will be in video format with accompanying support materials.
In addition to the conference videos themselves, there is also a support workbook for your use. Each video will be outlined and there is room for your own notes to be added. A huge part of any conference experience is the networking and community. While we can't all be together in a virtual conference we can connect through a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, share experiences and develop connections with other nannies. Finally, participants will receive a 45 -minute private individual coaching session with Marcia Hall, founder of Nanny Coaching Team. Once you complete the all the videos in the "mini-conference" there is a short survey. After you've submitted the survey to us we'll then send you a certificate of completion.
You Get:
  • Access to all 5 videos in the "mini-conference"
  • Supporting workbook on the conference topic
  • Access to the private Facebook group with further discussions and questions
  • 45-minute private individual coaching with Marcia Hall
  • Certificate of completion (once your survey has been submitted)
The value of each "mini-conference" would be well over $200.00.  However, we are offering each conference for $79.00. You get it all - the full set of videos, support workbook, access to the private Facebook group, 45-minute coaching session and certificate of completion for $79.00. If you are a Nanny Coaching Team newsletter subscriber you receive a first peek at many of the details of each new mini-conference, an early bird registration period which includes a 10% discount. That early bird rate is limited prior to the availability of each mini-conference. To get Nanny Coaching Team News click HERE.
Would you like to take advantage of getting all the "mini-conferences" for one special price? You'll get all seven conferences - all the videos, support workbooks, a total of 4.5 hours (270 minutes) of private individual coaching on the topics of your choice, access to the Facebook private group and completion certificates for all "mini-conferences"  - the entire package for $474.00, a savings of  $79.00 and a value of over $1,700.00.  An additional 10% discount is available to newsletter subscribers - subscribe HERE.
Conference Descriptions

Launching Your Career (January 15, 2016) is a five-part video series that encompasses basic nanny employment information. Whether you are new to the nanny profession or a seasoned nanny, the information in this first conference gets down to those basics that start your nanny journey out right or get you back on the path. 

Building Your Foundation (February 15, 2016) is a five-part video series focusing on topics that build your professional confidence. No matter how long you've been a nanny the information in this virtual conference is full of practical tips which you can implement immediately. 

Strengthening Your Well-being (March 15, 2016), this five-part video conference sharpens your personal skills. As nannies, we have to manage interactions with many people we come in contact with and navigate many challenging situations. These industry leaders share nanny tested tips and tools that are practical and effective.  

Transforming Your Job (June 15, 2016) features topics that you may need today or sometime in the future. As partners with parents in caring for their children, nannies are called upon to flex and grow with families. Situations and circumstances change in families. Jobs ebb and flow until that day when you say "good-bye." These five videos delve into five topics related to Transforming Your Job.

Advancing Your Work (July 15, 2016) this five video conference looks at options within the nanny career that either keeps you working longer for your employer or provides a specialized niche that you can enter. You'll hear about nanny/household management, working with special needs children, working with high profile families, working with multiples or becoming a travel nanny. Each expert speaker has personal experience that they share with you, including the ups and downs of these rewarding nanny options. 

Enriching Your Engagement (September 1, 2016), in this virtual conference, you'll hear from industry leaders on practical aspects of nannying. From how to use lesson plans, to the value of self-directed play, to understanding basic infant care, to how to work with teens, to the different styles of discipline, these videos are full of high-value information for all nannies. Included in this series is an additional video about understanding your paystub.

Safeguard Your Children (November 15, 2016) is the final virtual conference featuring five videos that focus on child safety. Specifically, guest coaches will speak on car seat safety, home safety, keeping children safe in public, toxins in everyday life and understanding food allergies. Every nanny should be versed in the fundamentals of these topics in today's world. 


This website and written materials have been prepared by Nanny Coaching Team. All coaches, guest coaches and speaker presentations are for informational and educational purposes only and are not legal advice.


Safeguard Your Children - is the final virtual conference of 2016. Specifically, guest coaches will speak on car seat safety, home safety, keeping children safe in public, toxins in everyday life and understanding food allergies. Every nanny should be versed in the fundamentals of these topics in today's world. 

Topics in Safeguard Your Children Include

  • Car Seat Safety with guest coach Kathy Gutierrez
    • Kathy comes with years of nanny experience as well as a certified car seat expert. She'll share the best practices to car seat safety from newborns to older children and booster seats. You'll come away with more knowledge about this vital child safety issue.
  • Safety in the Home with guest coach Linda Peitzman, MD
    • Linda's years as a family practice and urgent care physician as well as a nanny employer provide her with the unique perspective on keeping children safe in their homes. Safe practices in the home and childproofing will be covered in this session. 
  • Children's Safety in Public with guest coach Barry Wilson 
    • Barry has an impressive background in personal safety and security instruction which includes nanny specific classes. He'll share how every nanny can increase their awareness of the safety of their charges and their personal safety. In addition to teaching children to be aware of safety issues.
  • Toxins in Everyday Life with guest coach Tonya Sakowicz
    • Tonya has 30 years of experience as a nanny and Newborn Care Specialist. She is also a certified Eco-Maternity Consultant and Green Birth Educator through her partner company, Baby Go Green. Tonya shares her knowledge so that you'll be better informed and aware about the toxins in everyday life. 
  • Understanding Children's Food Allergies with guest coach Tonya Sakowicz
    • Tonya's knowledge about toxins naturally includes an understanding of children's food allergies. She shares what every nanny should be aware if they suspect a food allergy. Along with common procedures and treatments to be aware of when caring for children with food allergies.



Enriching Your Engagement - is the sixth virtual conference of 2016. This series looks at the practical aspects of nannying and how to truly enrich your engagement with the children you work with and the families that employ you. From infant to teens, we'll cover a wide spectrum of topics that will enrich your nanny career. 

Topics in Enriching Your Engagement Include

  • Understanding How to Use Lesson Plans in Your Job with guest coach Cindy Wilkinson
    • Cindy draws on years of nanny and teaching experience to share lesson plan techniques you can use to bring more to your job, more to the children in your care. Cindy gets down to the details and shares how you too can develop a rich learning environment for children.
  • Understanding Self-Directed Play with guest coach Myrna Alphonse
    • Myrna shares her years of experience with children and the role of self-directed play in their lives. You'll discover the value of self-directed play, examples of types of play to encourage and practical examples of how to incorporate into your daily schedule. 
  • Understanding Basic Infant Care with guest coach Carolyn Stulburg
    • Carolyn shares her vast experience as an instructor on the subject of infant and newborn care with you. You'll come away with a greater understanding of infants and your role as a primary caregiver. This information is valuable to you as more than a refresher about infant care - it's a fresh look at infant care that enriches.
  • Understanding How to Work With Different Discipline Styles with coaches Marcia Hall and Becky Kavanagh
    • Marcia and Becky team up to share insights about what discipline is and is not. You'll get a practical understanding of the four main styles of discipline. Then they'll look at how to work with parent's whose style might be a bit different than yours and where compromises can be made.
  • Understanding How to Work With Teens with guest coach Deborah Gilboa, MD "Doctor G"
    • Deborah is a renown parenting expert and mother of four boys. She brings her practical, no-nonsense slant to working with teens. She understands the unique role a nanny plays in the lives of children. You'll take away tools you can use tomorrow and into your future from this jam-packed video.
  • Understanding Your Paystub with guest coach Mary Crowe
    • In this bonus video, Mary goes into the details about your paystub and what it means. She also shares the advantages of using a payroll service that understands the unique nanny employment situation. You'll come away having greater knowledge about this practical aspect of nanny employment. 


Advancing Your Work - is the fifth virtual conference series of 2016. We know nannying is always unique - each family, each child, each position has its own rhythm, its own dynamics, its own feel. However, the industry has grown to include specialties and options that can move your career forward and give it longevity. In Advancing Your Work we explore five such specialties.

Topics in Advancing Your Work Include

  • Working as a Nanny/Household Manager with guest coach Karen Yatsko
    • Karen shares her expertise on striking the balance between nanny responsibilities and household duties. The advantages and challenges involved in this dual role position and the skills needed to be successful.
  • Working with Families That Travel with guest coach Donna Robinson
    • Donna, The Traveling Nanny, is an expert of shifting your career to working with families that travel. She'll share the ups, down, joys and challenges of working with traveling families. In addition, you'll discover what skills are necessary to this type of job.
  • Working with High Profile Families with guest coach Katie Provinziano
    • Katie understands what families are looking for and what nannies need to know about the high profile job because her placement service specializes in these placements. Discover the skills high profile families expect in this unique position. Hear about the benefits and drawback of these types of jobs.
  • Working with Special Needs Families with guest coach Tara Lindsay
    • Tara shares her experience in working with families that need unique skills from their nanny. Discover some of the skills required along with the benefits and challenges for this type of position.
  • Working with Multiples with guest coach Jenny Brown
    • Jenny shares her experiences with working with multiples. She explores the organization and skills needed. Practical examples illustrate the rewards and challenges of this type of position. 




Transforming Your Job - is the fourth virtual conference and is focused awareness of how jobs change or evolve over time. Each topic highlights a specific are to consider as your either your job changes or as you look at new opportunities that bring different challenges. Each topic area features an industry leader who shares their expertise and knowledge. 

Topics in Transforming Your Job Include

  • Technology and Your Nanny Career with guest coach Becky Kavanagh
    • Becky Kavanagh not only has 26 years in the nanny field but also is Nanny Coaching Team's technology gal. In this session, Becky shares how technology can enhance your job along with examining the need to keep a balance of "low" tech aspects working with children. 
  • Working with Divorced or Separated Parents with guest coach Kellie Geres
    • Kellie Geres brings her 26 years of first-hand experience to this topic. Discussion includes clarifying the nanny's role in the family, consistency with children, dealing with parents in transition, and coping strategies for stress. Kellie infuses real world practicality into this session.
  • Encouraging the Parent-Child Bond with coach Marcia Hall
    • Nanny Coaching Team founder, Marcia Hall, shares strategies on how to help parents build a strong bond with their children. Often nannies don't understand their role in encouraging that bond, but Marcia shares practical examples that really work. Strong bonds are a win-win-win for the parents, the children, and the nanny.
  • How to Make a Nanny Share Effective with guest coaches Stephanie Doyle and Laura Schroeder
    • Stephanie Doyle and Laura Schroeder have an extensive child care background and they have experienced the unique world of the nanny share. This session explores the joys and challenges of a nanny share position. These nannies know how to make it a great situation and they are happy to share their knowledge. 
    • This topic will have a Part 1 and Part 2 so Stephanie and Laura can each share fully! So actually SIX videos rather than the usual five!
  • Leaving a Job with Grace with guest coach Glenda Propst
    • Glenda Propst has 31 years of nannying under her belt, but more importantly she has mentored countless nannies through all types of job transitions. Her particular focus is ending the job well. In this session, Glenda sheds light on the way to leave a job with grace and provides practical tips you can use. 


Strengthening Your Well-Being - is the third virtual conference and is focused on sharpening your personal skills. Each topic narrows in on specific area that focuses on the nanny as an individual and how this relates directly to your career. Each topic area features an industry leader who shares their expertise and knowledge. 

Topics in Strengthening Your Well-Being Include

  • How to Care for Yourself While You Are Caring for Others with guest coach Greta Schraer
    • Greta Schraer has been in the child care field for over 20 years, is the founder of CincyNanny and a mother of two. Greta zeros in on why self-care is essential for those who care for others. She shares practical tips you can implement immediately.
  • Gaining Respect from Your Employers with coach Marcia Hall
    • Marcia Hall is the founder of Nanny Coaching Team, an industry leader, seasoned nanny and mother of three. Marcia shares practical approaches to gaining the respect you deserve while strengthening your relationship with your employers. She uses real world examples and tips.
  • Dealing with the "Babysitter" Mentality from Others with guest coach Sue Downey
    • Sue Downey has been a nanny for over 20 years and is the organizer for Nannypalooza, a 2-day nanny conference. Sue tackles the "babysitter" mentality, we've all experienced, head on. She shares how to educate others about the nanny profession in a positive way.
  • Working with Families During Trauma with coach Marcia Hall
    • Marcia is back to discuss this challenging topic. Trauma comes in many forms and is managed in a variety of ways. Marcia explores how you can be helpful to families going through a crisis.   
  • Opportunities to Help the Community That Will Help Your Career with guest coach Sheri Lopez
    • Sheri Lopez has been a nanny for 35 years. She's also newborn care specialist and the founder/owner of Bella Grace Agency. Sheri believes in giving back to the community. In this session, she discusses the positive professional aspects of community service. 


Building Your Foundation - is the second in Nanny Coaching Team's virtual conferences. The focus of Building Your Foundation is on practical matters every nanny should know to strengthen their career. These five videos presented by industry leaders, get to the heart of what sets you apart as a professional nanny. Whether you are just starting out or have been nannying for years, you'll appreciate the depth of information and expertise that is shared in Building Your Foundation.

Topics in Building Your Foundation Include

  • How to Work Professionally in Your Nanny Job with guest coach Angela Riggs
    • Angela Riggs is the Director of the Early Childhood Education Department at Sullivan University. You'll get an understanding of what a professional nanny is, how to maintain a professional standing and review the top 10 essentials to work professionally. 
  • Building a Good Communication System with Employers with guest coach Rachel Lawrence
    • Rachel Lawrence comes with the unique knowledge of having been a nanny, owning and running a nanny placement agency and being a nanny employer. Her expertise in building communication that works best for everyone is invaluable. She'll share tips and tools you can use immediately in your own situation.
  • The Difference Between Being Assertive and Being Aggressive with guest coach Ryan Jordan
    • Ryan Jordan's background as a nanny, teacher and agency owner makes her the perfect person to shed light on the differences in assertiveness and aggressiveness. Build up you confidence and discover tools that will allow for a win-win outcome when working with your employers.
  • Dealing with Conflict with guest coach Tracey Chipps
    • Tracey Chipps experiences as a nanny and consultant to parents put her in a unique position to explore dealing with conflict. You'll discover reasons behind many conflicts and tips on how to deal with them with your employers so you both feel empowered. We know that nanny-family relationship works best when conflicts are minimal, Tracey shares some best practices.
  • The Annual Review with guest coach Becky Kavanagh
    • Becky Kavanagh shares the reasons why a periodic performance review is an asset and tool, both for your employers and for you. She'll review the points you want to cover as well as walking through a sample review. You'll understand about self-evaluation and how past reviews could help you in your next job search. Periodic reviews are as critical as a solid work agreement.

LAUNCHING YOUR CAREER – January 15, 2016

Launching Your Career - the first mini-conference in Nanny Basics and Beyond Virtual Conferences is a five part video series that encompasses basic nanny employment information. Whether you are new to the nanny profession or a seasoned nanny, the information in this first conference gets down to those basics that start your nanny journey out right or get you back on the path. 

Topics in Launching Your Career include:

  • The Dream vs The Reality with guest coach Glenda Propst.
    • Glenda Propst's nanny experience covers 31 years and interactions with countless nannies through Nanny Transitions. Glenda draws from all her experience to give nannies a realistic view of the profession from all viewpoints.
  • Work Agreements and Why They Matter with guest coach Michelle LaRowe
    • Michelle LaRowe has been active in the nanny industry since 1994 and has had a variety of roles including her current position as Executive Director at Morningside Nannies. Michelle shares the highlights and details of a strong work agreement and the importance of having an agreement in place.
  • Getting Paid Legally and Why It Matters with guest coach Lora Brawley
    • Lora Brawley is a 25-year nanny veteran, industry leader and trainer. Lora defines what being paid legally really means and why it is essential for the professional nanny to be paid correctly. 
  • How to Choose the Right Job with coach Marcia Hall
  • How to Start the Job Right with coach Marcia Hall
    • Marcia Hall is the founder of Nanny Coaching Team, an industry leader, seasoned nanny and mother of three. Marcia shares in these two sessions the keys to choosing the right job for you and how to start that job off positively. She uses real world examples and tips.

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