Got Questions?

Check out these questions with responses that might be helpful to you. 

As always, we are happy to answer your specific questions either use our Contact Form or Email us directly at nannycoachingteam@gmail.com.

How soon after I complete an order will I be able to access my page?

We do our best to respond to orders within 48 hours, but occasionally circumstances may delay that timing. We will be in contact with you to let you know if there will be any delays. Typically once an order is received and payment is confirmed you'll receive an email from us with directions to your page in 24 hours. 

Is my continuing education page secure?

All pages are set to private with a password that is unique to you. You will need your page link and password to access your page each time. You are in control of your page at all times. We access your page to add additional videos you have ordered and to provide maintenance as needed. If you would like to change your password please contact us so that we can set that up for you. 

I'm a member of a group that has secured a list of videos for its members. How do I access those videos?

Group and agency pages are set up similar to private pages with the videos associated with that group, a private link, and password. The group or agency will have received a link to provide to members where you sign in with your name, email address, and the group with which you are associated. Once you have completed that you'll receive an email from Nanny Coaching Team providing you with the video page link and its password. You will use this link and password each time to access the page. If you should misplace or forget the link or password please contact us so we can assist you. 

Do video pages expire? Do I need to renew anything?

Personal continuing education video pages do not expire and there are no renewals needed. We will continue to maintain your page and you can access your page whenever you wish.

Group or Agency pages do have a time limit of one (1) year. The members of that group have access to the videos on the private group page as often as they wish within the year. Both the group or agency contact person and any nannies signed in through our system will be emailed of the upcoming anniversary date. The group or agency will have the option to renew their page and may also choose at that time to add more videos to their library. 

What are Spotlight Videos?

Spotlight Videos are offers that last for a period of a week where a featured video is offered at a reduced price. It's an excellent way to build a continuing education library over time. Occasionally we'll have another offer in lieu of the Spotlight Video which we will share on social media and will be featured on the website as well.

I see you offer individual coaching. What is that about?

Our founder, Marcia Hall, provides confidential personal coaching to help you through challenges and gain skills. Individual Nanny Coaching is like having a life coach that centers on your career as a nanny and helps you successfully interact with your current and future employers. It enhances your ability to learn, make changes and achieve the desired goals you have for your career and within the family. Full details are available here.

Are there benefits to being part of the email newsletter?

Our newsletter subscribers will receive the first look at all Spotlight Video offers through an eblast that goes out just prior to any social media announcements. Also, from time to time newsletter subscribers will receive exclusive offers and specials that are not available to anyone else. To subscribe complete the form.

Have other questions? 

We welcome your questions. You can contact us either through our contact form or via our email at nannycoachingteam@gmail.com.