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Sue Downey is our quest coach for "Dealing With The 'Babysitter' Mentality From Others". Sue has been a nanny for over 20 years and is the organizer of Nannypalooza, a 2-day nanny conference. Sue tackles the "babysitter" mentality, we've all experienced, head on. She shares how to educate others about the nanny profession in a positive way.



Sue Downey

After going to college to become a teacher, Sue found that nannying was her true calling.

She started off in her hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio and later moved to the Philadelphia area to become a live-in nanny. Her passion for the industry has let her become very active in the nanny community.

Sue has been a nanny for 20 plus years and currently spends her days with a 5-year-old and a 1-year-old playing and having fun!!

In addition to being active in the national nanny community, she is the organizer of Nannypalooza, a 2-day conference for nannies, typically held in October.

NannyPalooza nannypalooza.comsuedowney@nannypalooza.comtwitter @nannypalooza and Facebook


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