About the Team

Marcia Hall – Owner and Founder of Nanny Coaching Team and Coach

NCT NB&B Headshot Marcia 

Since 1996, Marcia Hall has been working with children and families as a Certified Professional Nanny, graduating from the English Nanny and Governess School, is an International Nanny Association (INA) Credentialed Nanny and an ACPI Certified Coach for Families.  In 2011, she was named the INA’s NANNY OF THE YEAR.  Marcia has served in several capacities on the board of directors for the INA and is currently serving as President of the association. 

She is an advocate for children in every area of her life having served as a children's ministry director and a "Big Sister" with the Big Brothers and Big Sisters program.  Marcia and her husband Scott have also been foster parents in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Although Marcia's full-time job currently is mommy to her now three amazing children, she will forever be a nanny at heart. 

She launched Nanny Coaching Team because she wanted nannies to better understand their unique place within the family.  Marcia sees the Nanny Coaching Team as a place where all nannies can impart the wisdom they have gained to others within the industry. Here is a place for quality continuing education that all nannies deserve and appreciate.


Becky Kavanagh – Support Staff and Guest Coach

NCT NB&B Guest Coach Headshots 5Becky started her nanny career in January 1990. Prior to nannying, she was an assistant director and preschool teacher for 6 years. She as an AA in early childhood education, a specialty certificate in infant/toddler care and was certified as a parent coach in 2010 when she founded Heartfelt Parent Coaching. She is an International Nanny Association (INA) Credentialed Nanny and received the Nanny of the Year honor from the INA in 2006. In 1998, Becky was honored by Parents Magazine for outstanding achievement in the child care field.

Volunteering is important to her, both in the community and child care industry including over 18 years with the Girl Scouts, 5 years with the Boy Scouts, an original member of the local nanny support group where she served on their board, and serving in several capacities on the board of INA including the role of president at two separate times.

Becky believes that sharing her experience and gained expertise with others is important. Her work with Nanny Coaching Team includes website design and maintenance, social media and marketing, along with guest coaching for the Nanny Basics and Beyond Virtual Conferences. In working with Marcia Hall to provide quality nanny continuing education, there is an opportunity pass that experience on to others and engage in meaningful learning with them.


Kathy Gutierrez – Guest Coach for Safeguard Your Children

Kathy GutierrezKathy has been a nanny for 16 years. She was an active member of NAN and has attended several Nannypalooza events. She has been a Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST) for the past 8 years.

Kathy met Debbi Baer, “the car seat lady”, just be before Kathy’s daughter was born. “She taught me to install and use our car seats.” A year later, Kathy approached Debbi again after researching and finding that her charges needed different car seats. This lit a fire under Kathy for child passenger safety. She took a week off work to take the CPST course and has gained experience working with Debbi to educate families about car seat safety. Many of the nanny groups on Facebook know Kathy is an expert and call on her to answer their questions about car seat safety and car seat protocols.

Kathy lives with her husband and 10-year-old daughter in the Baltimore, MD area. Her hobbies include child passenger safety, canning and being a “dance mom.”

Linda Peitzman, MD – Guest Coach for Safeguard Your Children

Linda PeitzmanLinda is a board-certified Family Practice Physician. Her experience includes serving as an Urgent Care physician and as the staff physician and physician on call for a Minnesota summer overnight camp program.

As an urgent care physician, Linda worked with parents and caregivers to help them navigate illnesses and emergency situations.  She provided information as well as recommendations to families to ensure their children thrived.

In her role as summer overnight camp physician, she works with and trains the camp staff on best practices of health and safety in regards to campers and staff alike.

As a mother of three grown children and nanny employer of over 20 years, she understands the importance of preparation when it comes to children’s health and safety.

 Linda lives with her husband Kelley and adorable dog Rosie in Eden Prairie, MN.

Barry Wilson – Guest Coach for Safeguard Your Children

Barry WIlsonBarry Wilson’s background is diverse; Veteran, Laborer, Dance Roller Skater, Martial Artist, Police Academy graduate, Bodyguard, Trainer and Business owner. For the past 25 years, Wilson brings this unique background to his various companies which operate Uniformed Security, Bodyguards, and Training. His uniformed security teams secure corporations and government facilities, while his protective services division (bodyguard) teams offer protection during workplace violence concerns and for VIPs during public events.

Barry has protected numerous people including former Vice President Dan Quail, Pope John Paul II staff, and support for the protection of the Dali Lama. He also provided VIP protection of Jamie Foxx, Terence Howard, Beau Bridges, Helen Hunt and others at the Global Down Syndrome Foundation Fund Raiser for the past two years. As well as securing corporations facing threats, termination support during workplace violence concerns and international travel security for businesses and families.

Barry has been an instructor for over 30 years covering a wide variety of subjects. He has taught protective services, corporate security, estate protection and uniformed security operations in United States, Mexico, and South Africa. 

Barry can be contacted at bc@anlance.com.

Tonya Sakowicz – Guest Coach for Safeguard Your Children

Tonya SakowiczTonya is an INA Credentialed Nanny, Newborn Care Specialist, and Parent Educator who does both consulting and in-home sleep conditioning and newborn care for her clients. She is the owner and Director of Education for Newborn Care Solutions, a company dedicated to the specialized training of high-level Newborn Care Specialists that she founded with her husband Todd. Tonya attended Central Washington University, has over 30 years of experience as a Nanny and Newborn Care Specialist.  She is also a certified Eco-Maternity Consultant and Green Birth Educator through her partner company, Baby Go Green.

In addition, to being credentialed through the International Nanny Association (INA), Tonya serves as the Second Vice President of the INA Executive Board and is currently the NCS Committee chair and in the Monday Mentor Program.  Tonya also serves as a Scottsdale Chapter co-president for DEMA, the Domestic Estate Management Association. Tonya is a highly in-demand speaker and presenter. She's a contributing ‘expert’ for the website NannyPro.com, has been published in and/or appeared in Parents Magazine, Child Magazine, The Seattle Times, The AZ Republic, The Wall Street Journal and the INAVision. Tonya has appeared in news spots in Seattle, Portland, and Phoenix as well as an appearance in 2007 on the Today Show for a special on the Masche Miracles (a family with sextuplets).

Tonya was voted the Professional Childcare Provider of the Year in 2003 and nominated for the International Nanny Association Nanny of the Year in 2004.  In addition, that same year, she was deeply honored with a nomination by her peers for the National Association of Nannies Harriette Grant Memorial Award.  In 2016, Tonya was honored with the DEMA Educator of the Year Award.

Tonya, her husband, and two children live in the Phoenix, AZ area.



Cindy Wilkinson – Guest Coach for Enriching Your Engagement


Cindy Wilkinson is a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Kearney, with a degree in Sociology and Early Childhood Education.  In 1977, she began her career as a professional nanny.  Since that time, she has worked as a live-in, live-out, and shared-nanny with families in Colorado, Connecticut, and California.  Ms. Wilkinson has also taught in preschools, elementary schools, and with non-profit arts organizations. 

Highlights of her career include serving as the Master Teacher with the Metropolitan State College of Denver's Child Development Center, teaching music with the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, recording her Jumpin' CDs for children, and receiving the International Nanny Association's Nanny of the Year Award in 1998.  She is a frequent presenter at conferences and an active writer for blogs regarding arts education for children. 

In 2008, she created her Jumpin' With Cindy Music Blog.  Currently, she is a nanny for 5 children in the Denver area, while also teaching her own music program "Jumpin' to the Beat", a music and movement program for children. 



Myrna Alphonse – Guest Coach for Enriching Your Engagement


Myrna Alphonse has been a Nanny Manager, Therapist and Parent Consultant for 25+years. She has spent more than half her career educating and nurturing children. She is a graduate  University of North Carolina Chapel Hill of with a BA in  physiology and  Marymount University masters in community counseling.

Myrna has worked with nannies and families with a range of topics.  Her current professional role is assisting families in crisis to heal.

Myrna resides in the DC area with her husband and adorable preschool aged child. When not creating calm for her client's busy lives, she can be found at your local playground enjoying true free play!

Carolyn Stulberg – Guest Coach for Enriching Your Engagement


Carolyn, a mother of 4 and grandmother of 8, has taught parenting, grand parenting, prenatal/postnatal classes, and Daddy Boot Camps for over 30 years. When her children were young, she owned and operated her own business, Carolyn's Kids, a program for new parents for more than 20 years while raising her family.

Then as her children got older, she founded the Alexandria School for Nannies and Newborn Care Specialists in 2007, becoming the first and only State certified program for Newborn Care Specialists in the United States. She recently moved the school from a classroom-based program to an online format to meet the needs and resources of the workforce. She is passionate about QUALITY child care in the in-home setting and is working toward programs to develop certification processes to elevate the professionalism of the in-home child care worker, and to standardize levels of performance.

She is widely regarded as one of the leading educators in the Newborn Care Specialist field at local, regional and national levels, and remains passionate about addressing the growing need for education. She speaks publicly for parenting groups, international nanny conventions, medical meetings, and working women groups. As a speaker, she regularly addresses parenting issues from newborns to teens, for Moms/ Dads of all range of experience, as well as for grandparents.

Deborah Gilboa, MD – Guest Coach for Enriching Your Engagement


Respected parenting and youth development expert, Deborah Gilboa, MD, is the founder of AskDoctorG.com. Popularly known as Doctor G, her passion for raising kids with character makes her a favorite family physician, media personality, author, speaker and social influencer.  

Deborah is the author of multiple books including. She can be seen regularly on national shows such as the TODAY show and Good Morning America as well as dozens of TV, radio, newspapers and magazines as their go-to person for parenting advice.

She calls Pittsburgh, PA her home where she lives with her husband and four incredible boys.


Mary Crowe – Guest Coach for Enriching Your Engagement


Mary has worked for HomeWork Solutions, a leading nanny payroll service, for 5 years. She has worked in customer care, new accounts and most recently took on the Lead Payroll specialist role. Before that, Mary worked in the banking industry in the training and business departments but she missed the interactions with clients.

Kathy Webb, owner of HomeWork Solutions, shared this about Mary - “Mary has a skill that is not teachable - empathy. She sincerely wants to do right by her clients and will go out of her way to provide advice and ask the sticky questions because you don't know what a client doesn't know. Mary "connects" with both parents and nannies alike.”

Outside of the office, she has 3 sons. She and her sons actively support the local community theatre.  You can find her enjoying Friday night at football games as she watcher her son in the marching band and Boy Scouts of America.



Karen Yatsko – Guest Coach for Advancing Your Work

1Karen Yatsko has been a Professional Nanny for the last 29 ½ years, many of those as a Household Manager.  She has been a member of the International Nanny Association for many years, serving on its Board of Directors for 6 years, a member of the Publications Committee, and Editor of the INAVision for 2 years, and contributed as a writer to many INAVision publications.  She was a speaker at several conferences, served on a conference panel, and joined several discussion panels.  She was a nominee for the INA Nanny of the Year Award in 1994, has received her 25 year INA Service Pin Award, passed the INA Credential Exam, and currently serves on the Education Committee.  For the past three years, she has been the INA Roommate and Conference Guide Coordinator.

Karen was nominated for the Child Caregiver of the Year award by Parent’s Magazine in 1998. She was a co-presenter at the 1998 NAEYC Conference in Toronto, Canada speaking on “Today’s Career Nanny”. Karen is also a member of the Domestic Estate Managers Association, attending the last three conferences representing the nanny industry. She is also a supporter and attendee of Nannypalooza and National Nanny Training Day.

Karen is currently working on her courses to transition to a Newborn Care Specialist in the Fall of this year.


Donna Robinson – Guest Coach for Advancing Your Work


Donna Robinson, The Traveling Nanny, has been working in the nanny field for almost 20 years as a nanny, traveling nanny, and newborn care specialist. In 2008 Donna was named the International Nanny Association’s Nanny of the Year. Not only does Donna care for children while their parents are traveling, she is also an expert traveler having taken at least 45 trips in her 15 years as The Traveling Nanny in addition to her personal jet-setting ways.

Not only does Donna care for children while their parents are traveling, she is also an expert traveler having taken at least 45 trips in her 15 years as The Traveling Nanny in addition to her personal jet-setting ways. She has worked with all types of families and all types of children. Her zest for life and adventure makes her the perfect Traveling Nanny.

Donna is a parent and grandparent. She has spent hours volunteering for organizations she believes in which includes giving back to the nanny community.




Katie Provinziano – Guest Coach for Advancing Your Work

3Katie Provinziano is the founder and CEO of Westside Nannies, a boutique staffing agency based in Beverly Hills. Katie founded Westside Nannies over after recognizing a need for an agency that provided highly experienced and educated household staff. Westside Nannies is one of the leading domestic staffing agencies in the country and has been featured in the The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and InTouch Magazine and showcased by The Insider, MTV, Inside Edition, and Entertainment Tonight for its work with celebrities and other high-profile clientele.

Katie is very active within the nanny community and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and currently sits on the board of the Association of Premier Nanny Agencies. In 2015 Westside Nannies took home the coveted APNA Innovation Award that is awarded to an agency that is considered to be at the forefront of technology, innovation, and advancement within the nanny community. Katie considers it a privilege and an honor to help deserving nannies find amazing positions.

She currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and in her spare time enjoys cooking, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.


Tara Lindsay – Guest Coach for Advancing Your Work

4Tara Lindsay has been taking care of other people's children for over 30 years and has worked as a nanny for the past 24 years. She attended Central Michigan University where she studied Special Education, Early Childhood and then pursued a degree in Public Health Education and Health Promotion. She has cared for children of all ages, stages, and developmental ability levels, as well as worked with a variety of family types. She was trained as a Newborn Care Specialist by The Alexandria School in Solon, Ohio. She has passed the International Nanny Association nanny credential exam. Tara currently is a full-time, live-out nanny for an Oakland County family with three young boys.

Tara is a Co-Founder and Director of MPNA. At the national level, she has served as Secretary for the Professional Nanny Association and offered advice to nannies and parents as the PNA "Ask Nanny". She has also twice been a workshop presenter at Nannypalooza, a national professional education conference as well as been a presenter at local parenting events. Tara volunteers with Be The Match, a division of the National Marrow Donor Program to recruit and educate potential marrow donors. She is on the board of directors for Ryan Rocks Outdoor Adventures, a Michigan-based charity for children with cancer. Tara was named a 2010 Outstanding Young Michigander by the Michigan Jaycees for her numerous volunteer and philanthropic activities and served as the 2014 Leadership Consultant for the Wyandotte chapter of the Michigan Jaycees.


Jenny Brown – Guest Coach for Advancing Your Work


A former lead preschool teacher, Jenny has been a career nanny for 21 years. For many years she has led her local nanny group, Northwest Nanny Association.

She is active in her community volunteering with many charitable organizations for families and children. Jenny was the International Nanny Association Nanny of the Year in 2005. She has also written several articles for her nanny newsletter, taught and attended several educational workshops, and has been interviewed for newspaper articles relating to the nanny industry.

Jenny is a true professional and a dynamic representation of a professional nanny. In her many years as a nanny, Jenny has worked with several families with multiples from twins to triplets.

Kellie Geres – Guest Coach for Transforming Your Job


With 27 years in private service, Kellie Geres has become an industry leader specializing in working with divorced parents, transitioning to household management and working with nanny organizations and agencies providing consulting, small business and social media services. 

Kellie has taken her skills and works with industry organization APNA and INA by coordinating industry conferences, and various special projects for both organizations. In addition, Kellie is the national co—chair for National Nanny Recognition Week, DEMA DC chapter president, and maintains several industry blogs including Regarding Nannies and Nanny Trainings. 

Kellie was named the 1997 International Nanny Association Nanny of the Year, and in 2014 was honored with the Domestic Estate Management Association Lifetime Achievement Award.

Kellie has presented at several industry events including Nannypalooza, INA, and National Nanny Training Day and has been interviewed for television, print and radio. 

Kellie resides in the Washington, DC metro area. When not wearing her many hats in this industry, she enjoys traveling, reading and a really good glass of wine. 


Stephanie Doyle – Guest Coach for Transforming Your Job

NCT NB&B Guest Coach Headshots 7Stephanie has been a career nanny for over 12 years. After working in a daycare setting for 7 years she has really enjoyed being able to work one-on-one with families. She loves using her knowledge to be to help children and families grow and learn.With lots of newborn and toddler experience, she has been especially helpful in guiding children and parents in the right developmental milestones, sleep training, effective discipline, potty training and much more. With her current family, she has been able to transition into caring for school-age children and help with the challenges that come with that.
She has really enjoyed teaching children to read, ride two wheeler bikes and be able to have "big kid" conversations to be able to listen and hear how the child really feels. She also transitioned into a household manager and really enjoys the different challenges that come with it. Stephanie has always loved working with children and loves be able to make a difference in a child's life for the long term.
Outside of being a nanny Stephanie enjoys spending time with her husband, family, and friends as well as be involved with her church community.

Laura Schroeder – Guest Coach for Transforming Your Job

2Laura is a parent of three and full-time nanny who has been credentialed by the International Nanny Association, is Positive Discipline certified, First Aid/ CPR certified, has 25+ years child care experience, a BS degree in developmental psychology, and many hours of masters work and continuing education in early childhood topics.

She is trained and experienced with newborns through teens including special needs and autism. She has also been certified as a Positive Discipline Parent Educator and is founder and administrator of the popular Charleston Area Nanny Network.

She has planned and implemented 2 National Nanny Training Days in Charleston as well as one very successful Nannies Give Back event. She has been a presenter at regional and national conferences including Nannypalooza. She is passionate about mentoring and training other nannies.


Glenda Propst – Guest Coach for Transforming Your Job


Glenda Propst is the owner of the blog and Facebook page Nanny Transitions. Her goal is to offer support, information, and resources for nannies who are going through the transition of leaving a family.

Glenda is a founding board member of the International Nanny Association, the 1991 Nanny of the Year and one of the 3 founders of the now defunct National Association of Nannies.She is also a founding team member of the Regarding Nannies Development Team.

She retired in 2015 after 31 years as a professional nanny but don't think she is going to disappear. Glenda has a passion for the nanny industry and will continue to work hard to educate and support nannies in every way she can. She is so excited about this segment of nanny coaching and is honored to be a part of it.

Nanny Transitions - http://www.nannytransitions.com/

Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/nannytransitions/?fref=ts


Greta Schraer – Guest Coach for Strengthening Your Well-Being

1Greta has been in the childcare industry for over 20 years. She began working with children at age 12, after becoming a Red Cross Certified Babysitter, and has loved it ever since. In 2010, Greta was the recipient of the International Nanny Association’s Nanny of the Year award.

Starting as a local community for nannies in Cincinnati, Ohio, Greta founded CincyNanny in 2009. Greta has a passion to coach nannies as they navigate their career, face challenges in their job, and seek to excel in the industry. She feels privileged to guide families as they navigate their way through quality care choices for their children.

Greta has written for Regarding Nannies, as well as articles for the INAVision. Greta has been a member of the INA since 2009 and serves on the INA Board of Directors.

Greta is a mother to two wonderful boys!

CincyNanny - cincynanny.comfacebook

Sue Downey – Guest Coach for Strengthening Your Well-Being

2After going to college to become a teacher, Sue found that nannying was her true calling.

She started off in her hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio and later moved to the Philadelphia area to become a live-in nanny. Her passion for the industry has let her become very active in the nanny community.

Sue has been a nanny for 20 plus years and currently spends her days with a 5-year-old and a 1-year-old playing and having fun!!

In addition to being active in the national nanny community, she is the organizer of Nannypalooza, a 2-day conference for nannies, typically held in October.

NannyPalooza nannypalooza.comsuedowney@nannypalooza.comtwitter @nannypalooza and Facebook

Sheri Lopez – Guest Coach for Strengthening Your Well-Being


Sheri is an International Nanny Association Credentialed nanny and is celebrating her 35th year as a professional nanny. She is also a newborn care specialist, a birth to age one growth, development and milestone nanny, and the founder and owner of Bella Grace Agency – elite nanny and domestic staffing, Brielley – online provider & family matching service, as well as ‘My Sake Kid’ which is a child identification system.

Sheri holds a degree in Elementary & Early Childhood Education from Colorado Christian University and has received training as an LPN, EMT, CNA, and is a certified American Red Cross CPR, first aid & AED instructor, a certified infant massage instructor, certified ‘Signing Time’ infant sign language instructor and a certified car seat technician. She is also a CASA for the state of Arizona (Court Appointed Special Advocate) and a member of the Arizona Foster Care Review Board.

Sheri is the 2014 International Nanny Association Nanny of the year and has been a board member of the International Nanny Association since 2012, serving on the membership, mentor, education, ethics committees & is the author of the ‘Monday Mentor’. Sheri is a monthly contributing writer for Nanny Magazine & INAVision, she was also featured on ‘All things Mama’, which is a YouTube parenting channel based in Scottsdale, Arizona. She operates the ‘Professional Nannies & Newborn Care Specialists’ group in Arizona and manages the groups’ social media page, as well as the ‘Arizona Nanny & NCS jobs’ page on Facebook.

Sheri is a strong advocate of continuing education and staying on top of all new child care topics by offering educational classes on regular basis.

Bella Grace - http://www.bellagraceagency.com/

Angela Riggs – Guest Coach for Building Your Foundation

1Angela Riggs is the Director of the Early Childhood Education Department at Sullivan University on the Louisville, Kentucky campus.  Her passion is creating curriculum to help nannies and child care providers create a quality learning environment that impacts children and their families in positive ways. 

Before coming to Sullivan, Riggs was an Elementary teacher with Jefferson County Public Schools. She holds a master’s degree from the University of Louisville, with a specialization in early education and focus on mathematics. Angela’s other experience includes department chair of Budget and Professional Development Committees, creating and delivering in-service training for teachers developing writing and math portfolios, open-ended question development/trainings, KY Governor’s Work Group for Professional Development Standards, online course development and various trainings, Level 5 Trainer for Kentucky, Sullivan Active Learning Training Team Leader, NAEYC member, INA member, and 2014/16 INA elected Board of Directors member and Education Committee Chair.

Angela truly believes that we should all be lifelong learners. Nearly 5 years ago she embarked on a new challenge of creating a new textbook, Under the Child Care Umbrella that was published by Pearson. She has presented several workshops at the International Nanny Association (INA) conferences and was sworn in at the 2014 INA Annual Conference on the Board of Directors.  As a member of the Board, she has contributed blogs on a regular basis, graded INA Credential Exams and served as chair of the Education Committee.  Most recently, she leads the Education committee while updating the Basic Skills Assessment and the INA Credential Exam.

Personaized Educational Adventures - http://www.pedadventures.com/

Rachel Lawrence – Guest Coach for Building Your Foundation

3Rachel Lawrence has over a decade of experience in the in-home childcare industry. She has worked as a nanny, has operated her own nanny placement agency, and as a working mom, she is also a nanny employer. Most recently Rachel served as the operations manager for the International Nanny Association and now works as the Placement Specialist for Morningside Nannies in Houston, TX.

Rachel is a big proponent of developing and adhering to high industry standards. She has held membership in the International Nanny Association and has served on the board of directors of the International association. She also has a long track record of attending industry conferences, including those put on by the Association of Premier Nanny Agencies and the International Nanny Association. In 2008, Rachel was awarded the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award by a partnership of regional and national Small Business Associations.

When she’s not working, Rachel enjoys spending time with her family, including  her young children Quinn and twins Emery and Grey.

Ryan Jordan – Guest Coach for Building Your Foundation


Ryan Jordan has over twenty years of experience working with children and families as a teacher, nanny, and tutor. Ryan earned a multiple-subject teaching credential and Master of Arts in Education from Pepperdine University. In addition to teaching, Ryan spent more than six years as a full-time professional nanny for celebrities and high-profile families in Los Angeles. She taught 1st through 4th grade and has tutored numerous children in literacy, phonemic awareness, math, and ISEE test preparation.

Known for her positive attitude and transparent personality, Ryan has been entrusted by many families to help find outstanding childcare. Known as “The Educated Nanny,” Ryan combined all of her talents to create the referral agency Educated Nannies. Ryan’s ability to work with parents' goals, understand a child's needs, and offer suggestions based on her own experiences, has made her a valuable asset to many families. In just two short years of being open, Educated Nannies earned the Red Tricycle Award for Most Awesome Agency in Los Angeles. Ryan was also featured in the Huffington Post for young entrepreneurs who inspire others, and she was nominated for the LA Business Journal’s Women Making a Difference Award. Ryan’s enthusiasm for learning, along with the joy of witnessing a child's "Aha moment" continues to inspire her today.

When she’s not collaborating with families, Ryan loves to travel with her husband, volunteer and giggle with her baby boy.

Educated Nannies - http://www.educatednannies.com/

Tracey Chipps – Guest Coach for Building Your Foundation

NCT NB&B Guest Coach Headshots 4Tracey Chipps is a Professional Teaching Nanny specializing in birth to age 5. She has worked primarily within the Duke University Hospital family of doctors in Durham, NC. Her areas of expertise fall in Positive Potty Training and Kindergarten Readiness.

In 2015, Tracey received her 20 year Service Pin Award from the International Nanny Association in Cancun, Mexico. She was also nominated in 2013 for the Spark Award for Excellence in Nanny Care through NannyBizReviews. In 2000, Tracey founded Triangle Area Nanny Group or T.A.N.G. which ran for a successful 13 years. She has hosted two National Nanny Training Day events and continues to mentor Nannies new to the profession. She recently began training as a Newborn Care Specialist through Newborn Care Solutions.

Tracey is the owner of Nanny919, LLC which offers consulting for parents and professional development for Nannies. Tracey attends annual nanny conferences to keep on top of trends and growth in the nanny industry. She has been quoted in the Be the Best Nanny Newsletter, local newspapers and is a guest blog writer for Regarding Nannies. She is the proud Godmother of her very first charge whom she has watched grow from an adorable 1 yr old to a beautiful young woman. Tracey actively volunteers in her community and is a pit bull lover and advocate. She enjoys cooking, spending time in nature, repurposing projects and travel.

Glenda Propst – Guest Coach for Launching Your Career


Glenda Propst is the owner of the blog and Facebook page Nanny Transitions. Her goal is to offer support, information and resources for nannies who are going through the transition of leaving a family.

Glenda is a founding board member of the International Nanny Association, the 1991 Nanny of the Year and one of the 3 founders of the now defunct National Association of Nannies.She is also a founding team member of the Regarding Nannies Development Team.

She retired in 2015 after 31 years as a professional nanny but don't think she is going to disappear. Glenda has a passion for the nanny industry and will continue to work hard to educate and support nannies in every way she can. She is so excited about this segment of nanny coaching and is honored to be a part of it.

Nanny Transitions - http://www.nannytransitions.com/

Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/nannytransitions/?fref=ts


Michelle LaRowe Conover – Guest Coach for Launching Your Career


Michelle has been partnering with parents in raising their children since 1994. An International Nanny Association Credentialed Nanny, Michelle, has been regularly called upon by the most popular parenting magazines and websites to share her knowledge and expertise. She is the author of four books including Nanny to the Rescue! 

Michelle is an active member of the nanny and baby planner communities. In 2004, Michelle was honored as the International Nanny Association Nanny of the Year. Michelle serves on the advisory board of the International Academy of Baby Planner Professionals and has served on the board of directors, as vice president and executive director of the International Nanny Association. She has served as a trainer for The Academy of Coaching Parents International, currently serves as the editor-in-chief of Longhorn Leads, and is also executive director of Morningside Nannies, a Houston-based nanny placement agency.

She and her husband Jeff, reside on Cape Cod with their daughter, Abigail, and their son, Luke.

Michelle LaRowe Conover - www.michellelarowe.com

Morningside Nannies – www.morningsidenannies.com


Lora Brawley – Guest Coach for Launching Your Career

Lora Braw3ley is a 25-year nanny veteran, industry leader and trainer.  Her work with parents, nannies and agencies, provides her a unique, 360-degree view of the challenges of the nanny / job search, placement process and employment relationship.  

She’s the creator of the popular A to Z Nanny Contract which features a full-time, part-time, and a share version.  She’s also a certified family mediator, conflict coach, and Positive Discipline Parent Educator.

Nanny Care Hub - http://nannycarehub.com/

A to Z Nanny Contract - www.AtoZNannyContract.com



Erin Krex – Guest Coach

Erin Krex

Erin has worked with local parents for the past 8 years giving them guidance and advice on childcare decisions and she wanted to be able to do even more! Erin is a Certified Baby Planner and received her training at The International Maternity Institute and is a member of the International Academy of Baby Planner Professionals as well as the International Baby Planner Association. Erin is an active member of APNA (Association of Premier Nanny Agencies) and was on the INA (international Nanny Association) Board of Directors for 4 years. Erin has been an award recipient of the Leading Mom’s in Business 3 years in a row and also holds the title of 2010 APNA Agency of the Year winner for her Chicago, IL based nanny agency First Class Care. As an agency owner and working mother with domestic help, Erin frequently writes and speaks on subjects related to employee best practices for both families and employees. Erin is Bump Club Chicago’s resident Childcare expert and provides classes to families about how to hire a nanny and more.



Donna Shannon – Guest Coach

DoDonna Shannonnna Shannon, President of The Personal Touch Career Services, is one of the few career coaches in the United States who understands the unique nature of the private service industry. Drawing from both her corporate recruitment and luxury market placement experience, she has been helping job seekers with professional writing services, job search consultations and classes since 2004. Her book “How to Get a Job Without Going Crazy” (2nd Edition, 2012) is available on Amazon.com. Donna is based in Denver, Colorado and works with job seekers across the country and abroad.



Kathy Webb – Guest Coach

Kathy Webb

Kathleen Webb co-founded HomeWork Solutions in 1993 to provide payroll and tax services to families employing household workers. Kathy is a well know nanny industry expert on all areas of household employment, including tax and labor law relative to the household employment industry. She is the author of numerous articles on this topic and has been featured in theWall Street Journal, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, and the Congressional Quarterly. She also consulted with Senate staffers in the drafting of the 1994 Nanny Tax Law. Webb is a magna cum laude graduate of Boston College. She currently serves as Past President of the International Nanny Association, the leading professional association in the in-home childcare industry.